Friday, January 09, 2009


Brent and I have been kickin' it in Hawaii since tuesday night. Wednesday we drove to three green sand beaches. Two of which were ridiculusly hard to get to. Honestly, I'm still surprised that we didn't do any damage to the jeep we rented. The one that was easier to get to was by far my favorite. Although the picture didin't really capture it, the sand really was green.

Yesterday we drove to the other side of the island, which is so cool because it's like a rainforest over there. We also went to volcano national park. We decided to hike through the crater of Kileau Iki in the late afternoon. Well as it turned out we decided to start hiking a little to late and it started getting dark long before the were even close to being done. We had a head lamp, but it happened to be in the camel back that we decided not to take.

Above the Crater.

In the crater.

This is how dark it was when we finally climbed out of the crater. I know, we're dumb. Today we're going to take it easy. Find a nice beach and just sit.
I just had to add this last picture. This is my blogging atmosphere at the moment. Life is hard.


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

You are a total skinny Minny!! Are you there for an anniversary or just for the heck of it?


Just yesterday I was talking to Angie and we were trying to decide when you were going on your trip or if you had already gone... looks like you enjoying Hawaii right now! Have a great time :)

Melissa said...

I hate hawaii, i am so sorry you have to be there right now!

nachista said...


Sara said...

I love it! Making everyone else jealous! Sounds like you are having a blast. Enjoy it!

Kaja said...

so jealous of's not even fair! haha.. hope you're having a great time!

holly said...

Celia, I just look skinny because you probably mostly remember me being pregnant with Caden. This trip wasn't really for our anniversary, although we just had our 6th a couple of weeks ago.