Friday, January 30, 2009

My Mom

I just wanted to share the best part about living next to my mom. I was just cruisin' the internet trying to figure out what to have for dinner (yes it's 4 o'clock, I'm slacking today); when my mom calls and says she's made way too much food for her and my dad and would I like to have the extra. HECK YA!!!! This usually happens about once a week and it's so great to not have to think of anything to make or have dishes to clean (maybe I should go clean her dishes for making me dinner....hhmmm).

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I'm just freezing and would like to go back to some place warm.



Your parents are so wonderful! I wish I could live close to my Mom :) has a lot of cute patterns. It is where I got the pattern to make the skirt I made for Samantha. If you want me to make one for Kyla because I already have the pattern I'd love to.

I'm glad you guys got away to Hawaii for a trip! I bet it was a blast!

Adventures in Heywood said...

Um, one day it's time for a blogging update... mmmm hmmmmm.