Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Haircut

So, I gave Caden his first real haircut. He was looking pretty scragely. This was a picture of him at Christmas.

Here he is after the haircut. There are no 'during the haircut' pictures because he was crying so hard you would have thought we were torturing him. Plus it took both brent and I to hold him and cut the hair.

Brent was actually a little upset that we cut it so short. I like it because now I can do fun stuff like spike it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mush, Molly, Mush!

So on Saturday my sister Suzanne took her dog Molly over to my mom's to run around. We decided that it would be fun for Ky to have Molly pull her around on the tube. It was fun until Molly spotted some deer on the other side of a barbed wire fence and made a mad dash. Luckily, Molly went one way around a tree and kyla on the tube went around the other side, thus wrapping the dogs leash around the tree, about five feet from the fence. Needless to say, it was pretty scarry for both Kyla and I.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Basketball, Baby!

Okay, so tonight was the first Relief Society basketball game. Boy am I out of shape, I was being schooled. Honestly, I was dying. And I am terrible. I went in thinking that I could probably do pretty good, because back when I played in Young Women's I was good. Half way into the game I realized why I used to be so good; I was playing against beehives. I did however make one three pointer, that was the only time I scored the whole game. I did also give one hard foul in which I received a nice little battle wound. All in all it was probably pretty good for my first game back since I haven't played in 7 or 8 years. I really need to start working out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Born Free

Okay, so today I was working on the computer while Caden was taking his nap. Kyla was playing really good. We have this old couch that we let Ky jump on to get all her energy, we're terrible parents. Anyway, as I'm working Kyla is jumping and she says 'Watch me mommy'. I turn around and she is stark, jumping on the couch, holding a pretend pogo stick. She looked like a hairless, tailess kangroo. It was really quite funny. Of course being the great mother I am, I just turned around and kept working. Then she came up and told me the she a nakie pirate and wanted to know where my treasure was. What can I say, she LOVES being naked.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ski The Beav

So, on Monday Brent decided to play hookie from work, we dropped the kids off at the Haslem's and we were off skiiing. I didn't take my camera with me but I stole some pics from Beaver Mountains website to share with those you have never been there.