Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Papa Noel

This Santa wasn't the best I've seen. Don't get me wrong he was really nice. It's the costume I wasn't a big fan of. His beard covered his entire face. I guess when I thought of taking Kyla to see Santa, he would be more like the Santa from "Miracle on 34th street". Of course I wasn't the who needed to believe it was Santa. Kyla was really excited to see Santa and that's what's important.

Stupid Internet

I just noticed that my video from JibJab isn't working. The JibJab site is down. Hopefully they'll get it working again soon.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lots of Laughs

So this made me laugh so I thought I'd post it. Kyla has watched it at least ten times because she thinks it's so funny. Lucky for my nephew Josh I needed a fifth head and his was the first good head shot photo I could find.

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Let it Snow!

This was our first real snow for the year. Kyla was pretty excited about having a snowball fight.
We even made a snowman. The hair was kyla's idea. She also wanted to make a snow toilet but I wasn't sure how to do that.
Ky played with her neighbor friends on the wood pile.
She got cold pretty quick since she doesn't have any decent snow clothes. So she came in and sat by the fire and drank hot cocoa.

Isn't the candy suppose to go on the gingerbread?

So the Saturday after Thanksgiving we went over to the Haslem's to make gingerbread houses. Brent was supposed to be helping Ky make hers, but apparently that wasn't fun enough. He and Ky thought it would be funny put the candy on Ky's face.
And then the crazieness escalated....
Brent tried to stick gummy santas on her face but they wouldn't stay.
So he opted for pull-n-peel licorice instead.
The end product, both Ky's gingerbread house and Kyla herself.
BTW - If you child has sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend doing this. Ky's face became really red and blotchy where the frosting had been.

The Day after Thanksgiving

So we spent 90% of the Thanksgiving weekend with Brent's family. We talked, laughed, and played a lot of wii. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!
Christie decided that it was time Caden was introduced to whip cream.
Brent's sisters gave Caden a rock star make over.
We thought the mohawk was a very good look for Caden.
Just hanging with Uncle John.
We had so much fun that Kyla just zocked out in the middle of the day.


Thanksgiving at the Haslems.
My friend James from England, Christie, and Mr. No Pants (i.e. Caden).
We also celebrated Emmy's Birthday on Thanksgiving.
Caden wasn't real enthrolled with Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007


This was Kyla's first Aggie home game. The pics aren't very good because I took them with my phone.

She liked watching for Big Blue and doing some of the cheers, but by the second half she was kind of bored. Good thing Josh came with us. Josh took her to give Big Blue a high five and he gave her a thumbs up which she thought was pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So, we enrolled Kyla in a community tumbling class. It's pretty low speed but I think she has fun. This probably sounds awful but we kept giggling at the things she was doing. Like for some reason everytime she sat down after her turn was done she'd pull her arms inside her shirt.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Six Things

Okay, I normally don't do these kind of things, but it was kind of fun reading everyone elses, so here goes. Six things you may or may not know about me:

One: I love to take baths. There is nothing better than sitting in boiling hot water (with or without scented oils) and just relaxing for a few minutes.

Two: I love taking naps. I work very hard to coordinate my children's nap schedules so I can lay down for a few minutes during the day. I'm starting to sound like a very lazy person.

Three: I love traveling. It's so great to see and learn about new places. The weird thing is I always get at least a little anxiety before traveling but I always love it when I get to where I'm going.

Four: I love scuba diving. I've only been a couple of times but it is so cool.

Five: I've biked through part of the Austrian Alps. I don't remember how far we went but I do remember that I was out of shape. The smokers in our group were passing me.
Six: I was once proposed to in a restraunt in England with a gummy ring. So the ring wasn't real and of course neither was the proposal. I was so embarrassed.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

After Tick of Treating

We didn't get any pics of Ky out trick or treating with her friend Audrey (smack to the head). This was after at Brent's parents house.
Kyla giving some princess attitude.
Her tiara was the same one I wore on my wedding day.
Caden really hated his costume but it kept him warm while going door to door.
After all her hard work, Ky was ready to dig into her candy.

Hickman Land Title really got in the 'spirit' of things

What can I family really likes to dress up for Halloween and we've passed it on to our employees.
This is my sister Heather. Her husband might say her costume wasn't much of a stretch;).
This is my sister Suzanne with her dog Molly, who was play an extra large version of Toto.
These are mostly employees. Playing grandma Adams on the back row is my Aunt Marion, my cousin Deon is Lurch, and my brother Jim is Uncle Fester.

The Annual Cousin Halloween Party

These pictures were taken at our Gibbons (that's my mom's maiden name) family Halloween party. My parents sent up game in their big garage and the kids play and get candy. Then my mom and Aunt Marion feed us.
This is Kyla with her cousin Elysa.
Caden wasn't real sure about my sister Kristeen's costume.
Kyla and her cousin Cardon(who wouldn't smile).
Caden is supposed to be an oatmeal bear, but Brent told everyone he was an Ewok. Josh was dressed as a high school boy (eye roll here).
Caden got sick of his costume really quick and just wanted to sit with Grandpa Hickman.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Cookies

On monday we went to Kassey's house to decorate Halloween cookies.Ky put about one scoop of frosting of her cookie......
and then ate it.
I guess that's her artistic freedom.

An apple cidering we will go

We picked 10 bushels of apples.
Then we squished the apples.
End result: 38 gallons of apple cider and one very happy Kyla.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kyla and Caden's First Pumpkin Walk!!!!

Those of you who didn't grow up in Cache Valley, and more specifically North Logan, may not understand the significance of the Pumpkin Walk. I'm pretty sure I went to the Pumpkin Walk every year growing up. So, I was excited to take my kids for the first time.

The Pumpkin Walk is about 40 different scenes made of Pumpkins, hence the name. If you can't tell, this is Sesame Street.
This made me laugh.
This is Ky's favorite book right now. I couldn't get her to smile because she was getting too cold and tired.