Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kyla and Caden's First Pumpkin Walk!!!!

Those of you who didn't grow up in Cache Valley, and more specifically North Logan, may not understand the significance of the Pumpkin Walk. I'm pretty sure I went to the Pumpkin Walk every year growing up. So, I was excited to take my kids for the first time.

The Pumpkin Walk is about 40 different scenes made of Pumpkins, hence the name. If you can't tell, this is Sesame Street.
This made me laugh.
This is Ky's favorite book right now. I couldn't get her to smile because she was getting too cold and tired.


The Drapers said...

Looks like fun! How are you guys? Celia had her baby! I talked to her, she and baby are good. I am sure once she gets home from the hospital she will update everyone!

Adelyn Withers said...

This also makes me homesick!

J D C & N Hopewell said...

That looks like so much fun! How cute! And I love the Kyla Yoda picture! haha How come we don't get to see a Holly Yoda picture???