Saturday, October 20, 2007

Adventures in Ice Skating

After being in Cub Scouts for a while and seeing how completely uncoordinated most of them were, I've decided I need to start teaching Kyla more physical skills. And what better way to start than at Mom and me ice skating.

Ky wasn't a super big fan at first. I wasn't really sure how to begin teaching her. So most of the time I was pushing her around while she sat on the little walker. Then one of the employee's came over and told me I couldn't do that (lame). She did however tell me a better way to get her started. I guess you're supposed to have them march on the ice, who knew.

What she really liked best was the hot chocolate they gave us when we were done.

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J D C & N Hopewell said...

What a cute idea! That is so fun you're taking her ice skating. Can she actually skate by herself at all? I am so impressed!