Saturday, September 19, 2009

5, really!?

I, like most parents, can never believe how big my kids are getting. On thursday Kyla had her 5th birthday. It was just yesterday that she looked like this...

She had a great time at her party. She was so excited to have her friends over and they all played so well together. Here are a couple of pics from her party. You might notice there are no pictures of her actually opening her presents. That's because I was distracted for two minutes and when I came back, all the presents were open.

I let them decorate their own cupcakes. Doesn't that look disgusting.
I set up a treasure hunt for them. At the end they were all still looking for clues, but Kylee figured out.
This is how Caden looked several times that day. I tried to include him in everything but he still felt jipped.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


So I'm finally updating my blog. We've had so much to do lately that updating the blog hasn't even really crossed my mind. The only reason I feel up to it today is that Caden actually slept through the night last night (this has only happened one or two other times since we've moved). Okay, so we moved into Brent's parents house three weeks ago. As hard as it is just to move, it is infinitely harder to try and move into a house that is already furnished with everything. Two of the rooms in the basement are just chuck full of all of our stuff. Once we had all of our stuff put away we had to focus on yard stuff. Brent's been trying to make sure we don't do any irreparable damage to the orchard (for which there might not be forgiveness). I've also been busy with canning. I've canned peaches and raspberry jam this week, I need to can some salsa, and probably next week I'll do pears.

The move has been a little hard on both kids. Like I mention earlier, Caden has not really slept through the night since we moved. Kyla is having friend withdrawals. Before she had her friend Kylee right next door and could play from sunrise to sunset. I've set up a few playdates but it's definately a lot less playing than she's used to. The other day she asked me who she could play with and I told her Caden; she rolled her eyes and walked away. Lucky for her preschool starts next week, hopefully that will help.

Oh yeah and the pregnancy is going smoothly. Everyone tells me I don't look that big but my back tells me otherwise. We did find out that it's a boy, and as far as I can tell, he's pretty active. We don't have a name picked out yet, we always have issues with finding one we both like.

Hopefully one of these days I can get back on a better blogging schedule and start posting more exciting things.