Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Cookies

On monday we went to Kassey's house to decorate Halloween cookies.Ky put about one scoop of frosting of her cookie......
and then ate it.
I guess that's her artistic freedom.

An apple cidering we will go

We picked 10 bushels of apples.
Then we squished the apples.
End result: 38 gallons of apple cider and one very happy Kyla.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kyla and Caden's First Pumpkin Walk!!!!

Those of you who didn't grow up in Cache Valley, and more specifically North Logan, may not understand the significance of the Pumpkin Walk. I'm pretty sure I went to the Pumpkin Walk every year growing up. So, I was excited to take my kids for the first time.

The Pumpkin Walk is about 40 different scenes made of Pumpkins, hence the name. If you can't tell, this is Sesame Street.
This made me laugh.
This is Ky's favorite book right now. I couldn't get her to smile because she was getting too cold and tired.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm moving up the technology ladder

Okay, so about 9 months ago Brent and I finally made the big step up to camera phones. I know, I know, most people have had camera phones for years, but I never thought we needed such fancy stuff. Well I've been taking pictures here and there, and do you know what I've found. It is so dang convient to be able to take a picture no matter where you are, because I take my phone everywhere. So earlier this week Brent went online and found a super inexpensive micro sd card (Ihave no idea what that stands for) so I could finally pull some of my favorite pics off of my phone. Some of them are really small and grainy because I didn't realize I was taking them at the lowest resolution. Even the best pics are only 1 megapixel, but that's better than not taking a picture at all. So the following posts are some of the back log of photos from my phone. Some are several months old, but I thought I'd post them anyway.

Adventures in Ice Skating

After being in Cub Scouts for a while and seeing how completely uncoordinated most of them were, I've decided I need to start teaching Kyla more physical skills. And what better way to start than at Mom and me ice skating.

Ky wasn't a super big fan at first. I wasn't really sure how to begin teaching her. So most of the time I was pushing her around while she sat on the little walker. Then one of the employee's came over and told me I couldn't do that (lame). She did however tell me a better way to get her started. I guess you're supposed to have them march on the ice, who knew.

What she really liked best was the hot chocolate they gave us when we were done.
Okay, when Kyla first picked up this chick at Baby Animal days, I thought it was dead. It just laid there all limp. As soon as she put it down it ran away. I guess it was just playing dead as a defense mechanism or something.
This Kyla and Meagan at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Just a couple of chicks.
Ky's Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Mike took her to McDonalds and Pet Smart for her birthday (she wanted to go see animals). This was in Pet Smart. Kyla walked right up the employee holding the snake and said "I want to hold that snake." You can't really tell, but her uncle Mike was holding her as far away from himself as possible. Yes, Mike the marine was afraid of the snake, but little 3 year old Kyla wasn't.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This is why I LOVE Logan!!!

This is the only one we took where we were all smiling and looking at the camera. This was taken a few days before the snow came.
I screened this for nudity. I just had to take a picture he was having so much fun and he looked so cute with his hair all crazy.