Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Pictures

Well he doesn't have a name yet but here are some pictures fresh from the birth. Better pictures to follow stay tuned.

Born: 11/24/2009 8:00AM
Weight: 8lbs 1oz
Length: 20" (seems funny to say length not height, kind of like I'm describing a fish I caught)

Names we are contemplating (NOT in order of preference):
Mason (Brent)
Dylan (Brent)
Carter (Brent)
Gavin (Both)
Tate (Holly)

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Our fall has been mostly full of picking and trying to get rid of apples. We did get out a few times. We took the kids to the American West Heritage Center. I think we actually picked one of the coldest days to go but the kids didn't seem to mind.
I'm pretty sure this is the first time Caden has riden a horse. He just kept saying "Ye-haw" over and over again.
There was a pirate ship made out of Straw bales. I think this might have been the highlight for Caden. His FAVORITE thing to play is pirates. We had a hard time getting him to leave.

Kyla liked the big slide, but I really just posted this pic because Brent's face made me laugh. That's the perkes of being the one incharge of the blog.
Only Kyla really liked jumping into the pile of straw, Caden kind of wussed out on this one.

There was a little train that went around in a circle about 25 yards acrossed, and Caden loved it.
And you can't visit the AWHC without a visit to the petting area.
We were actually really big slackers when it came to taking pictures on Halloween. This is the kids playing games at my mom's annual Halloween Party.
Here's the crew we went trick or treating with. There's Kyla the Snow Fairy, Megan the witch, Caden the Pirate, and Elysa as Little Red Riding Hood. I think Megan and Elysa could have trick or treated all night long. Just the amount we did almost sent me into labor (not really but it felt like it).