Sunday, September 28, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I'm not very good at a lot of the customization stuff for blogs. Does anyone know how to add music from your own computer? I know there are websites where you can load their music to your site, but some of the songs I wanted to add weren't on the website. Like for Kyla's birthday I wanted to put a song on by The Young Dubliners that always reminds me of when Ky was a baby. Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marathon Baby!!!

That's right I participated in a marathon. Okay, so it was a relay marathon, but still, I'm awesome. I've never really been a runner before but some ladies in my ward wanted to run this relay marathon so I thought I'd give it a try. I still think running is kind of boring, but it was fun doing it as kind of a team thing. And if you can't tell I'm pretty dang proud of myself. I had less than two weeks to prepare and I was just happy that I was able to actually finish my 5.2 miles at all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kyla's 4

Okay she actually turned four a week ago, but I'm a slacker. Okay, so here's what I want to know, how do they go from this:
to this:
in just four years. I can't belive it. All she wanted for her birthday was a swimming party and pizza. Oh, and a princess castle cake. If you look you can see the cake in the background. It literally took me several hours and it was SSSOOO skewampis(?). Brent said that I shouldn't worry because the fact that the cake was all distorted just made it look more cartooney.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of Preschool

My little baby's all grown up and going to preschool. I can't believe it.
She was super excited about going to school today.
She was not super excited about me wanting to take pictures of her at school.
This is our sunflower house that my sister, Suzanne, and I planted. Suzanne added all the decor.
I can't believe how tall they grew. I think they are like 10 feet tall.
I took the kids to the zoo last week. This is the only pic I took because the leopard kept pacing back and forth right next to the window. Ky and Caden loved that.
So here's the problem with not posting very often. I plug my sd card in and there's a 109 pictures to sort through. So I'm trying to just pick out the best ones, but it's just so hard.

Can you believe how blue this water is? I want to paint my bathroom this color.
Kyla and Caden playing in the woods.
It was freezing cold this day, and what did I dress my one year old in, shorts and a t-shirt. Poor little Caden.
Okay, and let me tell you something, I will never go camping in Glacier National Park. We saw quite a few bears and all not too far from campgrounds.This is the United States/Canada border. I thought it was funny that we cut a great big swath of trees to verify where the border is.

Kyla and mommy just chillin' on the boat.