Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soap Box

Okay, I'm not normally a real wordy blogger. I usually just like to put up pics of my kids, but today I feel like I need to get on my soap box. Why can't people be happy with who they are? I have been hearing a lot about people who want to change themselves or their lives because it's not exactly how life "should" be. I probably don't have room to talk because I know that I have been especially blessed in my life. Tonight when I started thinking about my life I honestly couldn't stop thinking about everything that I have in my life that is so great. I don't mean to sound boastful, I just think it's really important to recognize those things in our lives that are really meaningful and that really matter. I love that I am a mother of two beautiful children, who gave me incredibly horrific stretch marks. I have a great husband, who sometimes gives me stress, but I love him more than anything. I just wish everyone could look at all positive things they have in their life. Sorry I don't mean to sound preachy, I just felt like I had to get this off of my chest. And now I'm done.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just a few pics

We've been keeping ourselves super busy lately. Here are some pics of us finally getting some quality family time. First, last saturday we took the fishin' boat out to porcupine resevoir. Okay so the boat not exactly luxurious but we had fun. Caden hated the cold water and was super onry. He perked right up after I made him a little tent on the boat and started feeding him oreos.

So today my mom, my sister, and I decided to take the kids to the Cache County Fair. Sounds like a good time, right? Well I usually love fairs. Cotton candy, funnel cakes, farm animals, what's not to love. Well I've never been a big fan of the carnival games and rides, and after today, you'll definately never see myself or my children on any of those rides. The first ride on the bumble-bee great, she had a blast. Second ride, the roller coaster looking one, was great until the track came lose, one of the wheels popped off, and the whole train came to a very ubrupt halt. I know the picture below doesn't look like she was hurt very bad, but I'm telling you, blood was gushing. There was a whole crowd stand around trying to help. There was even a lady who came up afterwards saying she took pictures of the derailed ride and was wondering if I wanted them for legal reasons. Honestly, I'm just so relieved it was worse. It left a nice little gash in her chin but other than that she's fine.
Tomorrow we start our very, very, very, very long drive up to Glacier National Park. Wish me luck with keeping my kids entertained.