Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's all worth it - kind of

So last night we're eating sweet and sour chicken for dinner and Kyla's turns to me and says, "Good job on making good food Mom." It was so nice, especially since she usually she tells me that the food is making her tummy hurt. Of course after she ate the first little helping she asked if she could just have rice. I also wanted to share one of the stark differences in my children. On monday we made cookies for are fhe treat. Brent gave both of the kids some cookie dough to eat while the cookies were baking.

Kyla's face, neat and clean.

And Caden, well, you can see what kind of an eater is. This is how he eats everything. Most of his food usually ends up on his face, shirt, pants, and head. Lately he's started running away while I try to get his pajamas on. He'll run around the house saying "natie" (nakie). Normally he hates being naked, unless he's in water. I was going to post a cute picture of how happy he was being naked (no sensative parts were shown) but decided against it; I think Brent would have given me a hard time.


J D C and N Hopewell said...

haha! I think Covey's actually the messer eater for us...he's too worried that the food's going to disappear or something so he has to eat it whatever way to get it in him fast enough (that's mainly with treats)! Silly kiddos. That's cute Kyla commented on your cooking. So sweet!

Kaja said...

That all seems oddly familiar. Renee's latest thing is "I'm not hungry." And then after we clean up dinner she asks for a lollipop or something. It irritates me to no end. She's been going to bed hungry and I think she's starting to get the point! ha!

Adventures in Heywood said...

Cut the kid some slack, he is two years younger than the other one! And male. hehe.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

My sister has two kids who have always been messy. (One is 3, a boy, and one is 9, a girl. They're both messy eaters still and manage to get cake all over their faces when they eat.) She also has one daughter who is and has always been a clean eater. You know, the type that didn't want to tear into their birthday cake at one but just licked the icing off of one finger.

How nice and rewarding to have compliments made!