Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

The kids were super excited about the snow last Saturday. We played outside for hours with my nieces and nephews. Caden really likes the snow. He kept tripping and falling, and while he waited for someone to help him up, he would just sit patiently and eat the snow. We also tried out the dog sled thing again. This year it turned out much safer than last and all the kids had a good time. Do you like the big, red, whelt on Ky's chin? Brent made up a game called 'burrito'. He would roll the kids up really tight in a blanket and then pull the blanket up, unrolling them very quickly. Well, Kyla caught a little air while unrolling and landed chin first. Brent's not allowed to make up games anymore.


Adventures in Heywood said...

'Burrito' sounds AWESOME!!! Sounds like some of the games he made up when we were kids... like sledding down the stairs w/ a refrigerator box, bunk bed diving, etc.

J D C and N Hopewell said...

haha! The burrito game TOTALLY sounds like something John would do! It's always fun and games here too and someone almost always gets a little hurt. haha So fun to be able to play in the snow!

nachista said...

Burrito could work, you just need the proper safety equipment, I'll go to the DI and look for a foot ball helmet.