Monday, January 28, 2008

Mush, Molly, Mush!

So on Saturday my sister Suzanne took her dog Molly over to my mom's to run around. We decided that it would be fun for Ky to have Molly pull her around on the tube. It was fun until Molly spotted some deer on the other side of a barbed wire fence and made a mad dash. Luckily, Molly went one way around a tree and kyla on the tube went around the other side, thus wrapping the dogs leash around the tree, about five feet from the fence. Needless to say, it was pretty scarry for both Kyla and I.


J D C & N Hopewell said...

That is so funny you hooked Kyla up to the dog! haha I'm glad she didn't get hurt with Molly's mad dash to get the deer. And that's cool your relief society has basketball. When we had a questionnaire about what to have as extra enrichment things I don't thing anyone wanted anything physical! But that would be so fun. Even though I'm sure I wouldn't be able to breathe after running up and down the court just once.

nachista said...

Hey, I only let go that once! The good news is that we've found some pulling harnesses to choose next time we'll have a tow that Kyla can hold on to and let go of. Heck if we had a second dog I'd get two and have them pull me.