Thursday, January 24, 2008

Basketball, Baby!

Okay, so tonight was the first Relief Society basketball game. Boy am I out of shape, I was being schooled. Honestly, I was dying. And I am terrible. I went in thinking that I could probably do pretty good, because back when I played in Young Women's I was good. Half way into the game I realized why I used to be so good; I was playing against beehives. I did however make one three pointer, that was the only time I scored the whole game. I did also give one hard foul in which I received a nice little battle wound. All in all it was probably pretty good for my first game back since I haven't played in 7 or 8 years. I really need to start working out.


Teresa said...

What? No embarrassing pictures? haha! Sounds like a really funny activity. I was never good at basketball and I think I'd only be worse now!

Ashby Family said...

I totally know what you mean! After having Andrew, I went walking with some ladies for exercise. That first day back was an absolute joke!! I was sore (from walking) for like, 3 days and after 2 minutes of walking, completely out of breath! It's amazing what happends when we get old. (haha)