Monday, March 02, 2009

Finding Joy

So, last Saturday I went to the best women's conference. It was for just the two North Logan stakes, Ardeth Kapp was the main speaker and after there were side classes with varying subjects. I went to the class "Finding joy as a young mother." I went to this class because a)I am a young mother, and b) my neighbor, Christie, was one of the speaker and she is hilarious so I was hoping for good laugh (instead she almost made me cry). Anyway, I saw that she had posted her talk on her blog and just wanted to share it.

You should all totally go read it, she's awesome. Thanks Christie.

We were asked at one point what we thought we would miss once our kids were grown. I wanted to post what I will miss.


Jeff and Rebecca said...

That video is hilarious! So cute! I love children's spontaneity.

Sara said...

She is going to be a performer for sure. So cute!

Christie said...

Thanks for the link to my talk. I'm sorry I didn't make you laugh. Didn't I share Natalie's telephone/bathroom story with your group? That was mortifying! (Your kids are both CUTIES!)


Thanks for sharing that talk! Kyla is so going to be all about performing and dancing as she grows up!