Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come to Zion

Last week we decided to take off down to warmer weather. We headed south down to Zion National Park. We left thursday morning at 6am, which was pretty impressive for Brent and I because we are not morning people. Within minutes of arriving, Caden had already eaten, and I do mean swallowed and everything, a rock.

We did some hiking. Brent carried Caden in a pack; Kyla was a trooper and hiked all by herself. We also did a little mountain biking.

I think they liked going to the sand dunes the very best.


nachista said...

Would you stop having such cute kids? If you set the bar so high the rest of us are going to have a tough time when our kids are ugly and unpleasant.

Teresa said...

Did the rock come back out? Looks like fun!!

Denise said...

I'm jealous, how fun! I've never been to Zion's, it looks like it was fun even with the kids. I've always wondered because of the hot weather, but it was probably perfect this time of year.