Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will you be my valentine?

We had a fun little pre-valentines day party today.

Kyla made a cookie with lots of frosting and lots of candy hearts.

We had lunch complete with heart shaped pb&j.

This is 'Grandpa Robinson', as Kyla calls him, he helps out in nursery and all the kids love him.

The boys played in one room.

And the girls in another.

To complete the fun we played valentines day bingo.



Happy Valentines!

J D C & N Hopewell said...

Looks like a fun gathering! I haven't been going to playgroup so much anymore since Covey's gets out of school right when they have it...maybe I'll try and start going again. Ok I'm rambling..anyways, hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Natelli Johnston said...

Hey Holly, it was so fun to see you at the shower, I think we need to go to PF's again! nat